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October 01, 2021

Hey! It’s time for the WeeklyTip! If you all haven’t noticed by now, skin and hair are the MAIN craze for my everyone's lifestyle and we're incredibly excited for today’s announcement !
We've provided a skin type questionnaire that separates ALL skin into 4 categories that make up 16 different skin types.

With this in mind, each skin type responds to various products better than others. This questionnaire is imperative to saving your TIME and MONEY on products that will not work for YOUR skin.

For our  WeeklyTip we'll be going deeper into each skin type and proving products that work best with these products and the specific steps/methods that will maximize the finishing results!

Everyone deserves GREAT, baby skin and we're dedicated to ensuring that you all are equipped with the right tools. Scroll for a preview and get your skin right by CLICKING THE LINK HERE!

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